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Scientific Prizes, Awards, Grants

NASU Prize
NASU Prize
International NATO
first prize awarding
by lord Robertson
W.W.Clyde Professor Chair 
of the Utah State University DAAD site
Alexander von Humboldt Foundation site

•   G.F.Proscura NASU Prize (Khalatov A.A., 1991)
•   V.I.Tolubinski NASU Prize (Khalatov A.A., Borisov I.I., Kostenko N.V., 2003)
•   NATO Scientific Committee First International Prize (Kozlov A.P., Khalatov A.A., Syred N., 2002) ,
•   NAS of Belarus International A.V.Lykov Prize (B.Spalding, U.M.Matsevityj, A.A.Khalatov, 2010),
•  Two NASU Prizes for young scientists (Avramenko A.A., Shevchuk I.V., 1993; Kobzar S.G., 2003)
•  Ten scientific scholarships for young scientists (Avramenko A.A., Zheleznaya T.A., Kobzar S.G., Shevchuk I.V. a.o.)
•  Three grants of International G.Soros Scientific Foundation (Avramenko A.A., Kobzar S.G., Khalatov A.A.)
•  Two grants of the Royal London Society (Great Britain 1996; 1999)
•   Four grants of the NATO Scientific Committee (1996, 1998, 2000, 2003)
•  Four grants of Civil Risearch and Development Foundation CRDF (1996, 1999, 2001, 2003)
•  Three grants of the European Union (EU) with Cardiff (Great Britain), Stuttgart (Germany) and Madrid (Spain) Universities.
•   International DAAD scientific scholarship, Germany (Shevchuk I.V. 2002)
•   Alexander von Humboldt Foundation scientific scholarship, Germany (Shevchuk I.V. 2003)
•  Outstanding Reviewer Award of the ASME J. Heat Transfer (I.V. Shevchuk, 2010)
•   For scientific achievements in the field of vortex and swirled flows A.A.Khalatov was elected the Honored Professor of the Cardiff, University (Great Britain, 1996), W.W. Clyde Chair Professor Utah State University, ( USA, 2003)
•  Rosaviacosmos (Russia) "40th anniversary of U.A.Gagarin space trip" medal.
•  "For scientists preparetion" NASU highest medal (Khalatov A.A. 2007)

Prize awarding. 
Borisov I.I.,
Khalatov A.A, 
Kostenko N.V.
NATO Scientific
First International
NATO Scientific
Prize awarding,
NATO HQ, Brussels.
site NASU Highest medal for
scientists preparation
and 40th anniversary
U.A.Gagarin's space trip medal

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