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News 2010

16:32 01.01.2011 Happy New Year by ABBA

We wish
a Marry Christmas
and a Happy
New Year!

Photo by A.Lisovski
00:01 14.12.2010 Happy Birthday music

Happy Birthday to Artem A. Khalatov , Department Head,
Corresponding Member of NASU, Doctor of Sciences (Eng), Professor,
with our warmest wishes of all successes,
health, happiness, and creative longevity!

7:29 08.09.2010
On August, 30th by the № 55 decision of Presidium Belarusian NAS for work "Research of processes of burning and heat- mass- transfer in difficult thermogasdynamics conditions by their modelling and identification" B.Spalding, U.Matsevityj, and A.Khalatov collective of authors awards the A.V.Lykov Belarusian NAS International Prize.
We congratulate winners!

11:04 11.08.2010
Meeting at E.O.Paton institute         On July, 8th at E.O.Paton Arc Welding Institute NASU the meeting about scientific and technical cooperation between State Concern " Zorja"-"Mashproekt" and National academy of sciences of Ukraine has taken place.
Signing of the contract. Andrey Khomenko and Boris Paton.
 Our City Nikolajev newspaper photo         Signing of the contract on A.Khalatov speech cooperation by the General Director of "Zorja" Andrey Khomenko and NASU President Academician Boris Paton became result of this meeting.
        The new materials, new technologies of cooling and the burning, new heat resisting alloys and the coverings, new technological processes and the equipment etc will be the basic directions of cooperation.
        The cooperation program included 5 works of our Department in the field of the gas turbine blades cooling systems, new surfaces of heat exchange and new heat exchangers. Meeting at E.O.Paton institute
"Mirror of week","Our City Nikolajev" and "Turbinist" newspapers

Photo: A.Lisovski 18:56 20.04.10 Happy Birthday music
Happy Birthday to
Oxana Shikhabutinova !
We wish you
great happiness and every success !

Photo: A.Lisovski 22:15 18.03.10 Happy Birthday music
Happy Birthday to
Serge Severin,
with our warmest wishes of
happiness and success !

11:31 04.03.10

Greetings !

Listen "Woderful world"
Japaneese irises from white radish with leeks (was edible)
Photo: Fukunago Singo, Japan photo journal 1991

Onischenko 22:39 26.02.10 Happy Birthday music
Happy Birthday to
Vitaly Onischenko
We wish you
good luck and success !

Photo: S.Kobzar 9:20 30.01.10 Happy Birthday music
Happy Birthday to
Ludmila Ogorodnikova !
We wish you
best of everything !

Photo: A.Lisovski 00:10 02.01.10 Happy Birthday music
Happy Birthday to
Alexander Kovalenko !
We wish you
every success and happiness !

Photo: A.Lisovski 00:01 01.01.10 Happy Birthday music
Happy Birthday to
Jane Khalatova !
We wish you best of
well, joy and happiness !

Repetition from 25.12.09 Ukrainian x-bells Christmas

Marry Christmas and
a Happy New Year !

Repetition from 18.12.09
In 2009 employees of department publish 2 monographs, 41 scientific articles
(6 abroad), 6 theses of scientific conferences, are made 12 reports
at conferences (5 on international), 5 patents for inventions are received,
3 demands on inventions and 1 demand for useful model are submitted.

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