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Publish and invention activity

Between 1985 untill 2010 Departament's staff was published 15 monographs, 370 journal articles ( 70 by english ), more than 50 Presentations in the International Scientific Confereces
( USA, United Kingdom, France, Austria, Germany, China, Poland, Russia, Belarus a.o.).
А.Khalatov. Heat Transfer and Fluid Mechanics over surface dimples

During 1996 for 2010 the 9 volumes of the Monograph
"Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow in Centrifugal Fields" was published
( A.A.Khalatov, A.A.Avramenko, I.V.Shevchuk, I.I.Borisov, S.V.Shevtsov, A.S.Kovalenko ).
vol 1 vol 2 vol 3 vol 4 vol 5 vol 6 vol 7
A.Khalatov, N.Syred, Advanced combustion & Aerothermal Technologies I.Shevchuk. Convective Heat and Mass Transfer in Rotating Disk Systems Енергоощадна технологія Доповіді академії наук України Промышленная теплотехника Вісник академії наук України Каталог предприятий Украины
Актуальные вопросы авиационных
и аэрокосмических систем Каталог предприятий Киева Теплофизика и аэромеханика Авиационная техника Новости теплоснабжения Programm TURBOEXPO Aquaterm journal

Department's innovations protect by more than 130 ukrainian and russian patents.
USSR patent Ukrainian patent Ukrainian patent Ukrainian patent Ukrainian patent Ukrainian patent Russian patent

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