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International Relationship

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Cardiff University
CHAM Ltd The University of Stuttgart
U.S.Air Force Academy, Colorado-Springs
Moscow Power Engineering Institute
Moscow Aviaton Institute

•  United Kingdom: Cardiff, Universities of Cambridge and Oxford, CHAM Ltd.,
•  Germany: Universities of Stuttgart and Dresden,
•  Spain: University of Madrid,
•  USA: Universities of Utah, (Salt Lake Sity), New Orleans, (Luisiana), Minnesota, (Minneapolis), "Optimized Turbine Solutions Inc.", (San-Diego),
USAF Academy, Colorado-Springs.
•  Russia: Moscow Power Engineering Institute (MEI), Moscow Aviation Institute (MAI), Kazan' Technical University (KAI), Siberian Branch Russian NAS Thermophysics Institute, (Novosibirsk), The Saint-Petersburg Civil Aviation Academy, NPO "Trud", NPO "Saturn", (Moscow),
P.O.Sukhoj Design Bureau, (Moscow), and others.
•  Belarus: Belarussian NAS A.V.Lykov Heat and Mass Transfer Institute, (Minsk)
•  Liethuania: Liethuanian Power Engineering Institute, (Kaunas)

The University of Oxford
The University of Cambridge
The University of Dresden
The University of Madrid
The University of Utah,
Salt Lake Sity
The University of New Orleans
The University of Minnesota,
Kazan' Technical University Thermophysics Institute, Novosibirsk Saturn Sukhoj Design Bureau Site Liethuanian Power Engineering Institute

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