High-Temperature Thermogasdynamics Department

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Basic scientific directions

•  Swirled and vortex flows in channals
•  Flow thermogasdynamics near curvelinear surfaces
 and in a channals

•  Surface vortex generators
•  Two-phase swirling flows
•  Heat transfer enhancement
•  Hydrodynamics and heat transfer numerical simulations
•  Liquid and solid fuels combustion and gasification

Hydrodynamics and heat transfer
numerical (CFD) simulation

Gas-liquid fired boilers combustion chambers parameters calculations

boiler hydrodynamics   temperature field   NOx concentrations

The calculations of flue gas paths
of the pulverised-coal fired boilers  

NIIST combuster hydrodynamics   Ladizhin power station gas phase temperature

•  The chemical kinetics
  formations of the harmful
  atmosphere pollutions
•  The velocity, temperature
  and concentrations
  fields calculations
•  The atmosphere harmful
  substances emission
•  The boiler furnace

The calculations of the parameters of the DKVr 4/13 boiler

boiler hydrodynamics   temperature field   NOx concentrations


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