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Basic scientific directions

•  Swirled and vortex flows in channals
•  Flow thermogasdynamics near curvelinear surfaces
 and in a channals

•  Surface vortex generators
•  Two-phase swirling flows
•  Heat transfer enhancement
•  Hydrodynamics and heat transfer numerical simulations
•  Liquid and solid fuels combustion and gasification

Swirled and vortex flows in channals

•  Were performed spacious cycle of experimental and theoretical researches
  in fields of hydrodynamics, heat and mass transfer vortical (dimples)
  and swirled flows, that obtain international recognition.
•  New scientific results: physical structure and heat transfer, laminar-
  turbulent transition, instability, secondary flows formation, suppression of
  turbulence by means of swirl, shrinkage of vortex and accumulation
  of energy in it.

Закрутка потока   Генератор вихрей

That researches were results to creating of new calculation methods,
precisious simulation codes, working out a new vortical aerohydrodynamics,
heat and mass transfer technologies.


Vortical and twirled streams calculation methods and programs were used by many thermal
and power engineering and power machine building design organizations ("Progress"
Design Bureau, Zaporozhje; "Turboatom" Design Bureau, Kharkov; "Zorja"-"Mashproekt",
Nikolaev; NPO "Trud" and "Saturn", Russia; Armenian NPP; Moldavian PS etc)

missile RSM-52
Cooled turbine blades Photo: A.Lisovski

Aerothermodynamics vortical technologies
(more then 100 patents)

•  More then 50 vortex type devices were
  used on power and thermal engineering,
  machine-building, chemistry
  (vortex tubes, pumps, ejectors etc),
•  More then 40 plants and superdelicate
  dispergation lines were aplied on
  4 branches of industry,
•  Cyclon technologies use on
  supermight power gasturbine
  blades cooling systems
  ( Solar Turbines, USA,
  "Zorja"-"Mashproekt", Ukraine),
•  New vortical technologies were apply
  on fighters of Su-27 family (Flanker-B)
P.J.Sukhoj Design Bureau,
  sea launch strategic missile RSM-52.

Su-27/33/37 Fighter
AL-31F gasturbine
vortex tubes,
pumps, ejectors,
USSR Patent
№1763815, 1992.,
Ukrainian Patent 
№15442А, 1997.
vortex tube Photo: A.Lisovski

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