High-Temperature Thermogasdynamics Department

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About us

Photo of Department staff

Department staff-
26 employes:

•  Academician
  NASU - Department Head,

•  16 scientists,

 - 1 Doctor of Sciences (Eng),
 - 13 PhDs,
•  9 engineers.

Scientific Activity Mainstream:

Thermogasdynamics in the field of centrifugal forces and its application
in heat power engineering, power plant industry and heat- and mass transfer equipment.

The Department is the world leader in the field of the swirling and vortex
flow fundamentals and their application.

Department Head
Artem A. Khalatov

Academician of
National Academy of Sciense of Ukraine,
Doctor of Sciences (Eng),

Research activity:
•  swirl and vortex flows,
•  heat transfer intensification,
•  air-cooled gasturbines,
aircraft engines.

Department Head
Artem A. Khalatov
Academician of NASU 
Doctor of Sciences (Eng)

He is author and co-author of 28 monographs and 14 books, more then 350 journal articles
and more then 100 patents. Honorary Professor of Cardiff University (United Kingdom), W.W.Clyde Chair Professor Utah State University (USA), Academician of Ukrainian Aerospace Academy. A.A.Khalatov is a NATO Scientific Committee First International Prize laureate (2002),
G.F.Proscura (1991) and V.I.Tolubinsky (2003) NASU Prizes laureate, NAS of Belarus
A.V.Lykov International Prize laureate (2010), holder more then 16 international grants.
31 PhDs and 4 Doctors of Sciences (Eng) was prepared by A.A.Khalatov.
He is a holder of Rosaviacosmos (Russia) "40th anniversary of U.A.Gagarin space trip"
and Highest NASU "For Scientists preparation" medals.

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