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Department news

8:59 11.04.2012
Our congratulations to Prof. Artem A. Khalatov in occasion of him elected as Active Member (Academician) of Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences.

9:39 25.05.2011
On May 20th by the President of Ukraine Decree №593-с/2011
Artem Khalatov was awarded the honorary title
“The Ukrainian State Scientific Prize 2010 Laureate in the science and engineering”
for the long term research and fundamental results in the naval gas turbine engineering.
Respect and congratulations !

12:44 18.04.2011
In 2010 employees of department publish 2 monographs, 34 scientific articles
(7 abroad), are made 12 reports at international conferences,
3 patents for inventions are received, 1 international prize was awarded.

16:32 01.01.2011 Happy New Year by ABBA

We wish
a Marry Christmas
and a Happy
New Year!

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