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Experimental Basis

Experimental rig
S.V.Shevtsov, А.А.Khalatov, Photo: А.Lisovski

•  Using wood waste inverted type
 gasgenerator (50 kW) with
 vortical gas clearing system,
•  Using fulfilled motor oil
 combustion chamber (20 kW),
•  Using a biomass two-stages
 combustion chamber (20 kW)
 with vortical ejector,
•  The heatgenerator (25 kW) to
 research burning of fuel mixes
 "biomass-brown coal" and
•  The rig to research of
 heat transfer and fluid
 flow near surfaces with
 intensificators (dimples),
•  The rig to research
 heat and mass transfer
 and fluid mecanics in
 rotating gas-liquid flows,
•  Vortical mills for
 solid products dispergation
 and superdelicate powders

S.V.Shevtsov, А.А.Khalatov, Photo: А.Lisovski


Gas analyzers, gas chromatography, a liquid crystals method, microsensors of a temperatures and thermal flow, thermoanemometers, modern methods of visualization of a stream at research are applied.

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