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Basic scientific directions

•  Swirled and vortex flows in channals
•  Flow thermogasdynamics near curvelinear surfaces
 and in a channals

•  Surface vortex generators
•  Two-phase swirling flows
•  Heat transfer enhancement
•  Hydrodynamics and heat transfer numerical simulations
•  Liquid and solid fuels combustion and gasification

Two-phase swirling flow

Heat tranfer and hydrodynamics of swirling two-phase flow

Vortical bubble devices: contact apparatum with heat and mass
transfer intensification in centrifugal mass forces fields

•  Two-phase layer swirling velocity, bubble diameter,
 phases contact surface, hydraulic friction.
•  Heat and mass transfer.
•  Small disperce dust cleaning effectivity.
•  Practical use of the vortical bubble devices.

Vortex bubble device
Principal scheme of the vortex bubble device

Vortical bubble device

•  Gas flow up to 20 000 nm³ph,
•  Gas and liquid
 mass flow ratio 0,1...10,
•  Specific interphases surface
 800...1500 m²pm³,
•  Dust cleaning effectivity 99,5%,
•  Gas staying time- milliseconds.

Ukrainian patent №23520А, 1998.

By Royal London Society
(United Kingdom) grant support.

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